About me

I am a  professional researcher.  You see, I’ve got a Ph.D. in history, and NOBODY is better at research than a trained historian.  MBAs learn about business, MFAs learn about writing.  Medical doctors learn about bodies and how to cure them.  We historians learn about research.  That’s all we do.  We browse libraries and bookstores like word vampires sucking the wisdom from between their pages.  Then we boil down what we’ve accumulated into a few meaningful lines and start the process all over again.  We don’t observe people.  We don’t play with numbers, or compute with ones and zeros.  We are trained to do research.  Nobody does it better than we.  Strike that.  Nobody does it nearly as well.

So, next time you’re at the library, or even the bookstore, and a gray-skinned creature passes you, pay close attention.  Is she really a library morlock?  Or is she a book vampire…er…a historian?  Maybe she’s me.

And maybe, if you’re stuck, and simply can’t figure out who did what, and when, you can turn to this blog for a little research advice.  What you learn can inform your writing, even if you never use it in a finished story, regardless of whether it’s a murder mystery, science fiction, fantasy, or horror.  Heck, even if it’s historic romance, though that’s not my genre.  Of course, maybe a guest blogger might have your answer, even if I don’t.

Welcome, then, readers, writers, and hopeful researchers.  During the weeks ahead we’ll read and review histories, mysteries, and worlds yet to be.  I’ll even throw in a contest or three.  Bring something to read…I’m feeling a wee bit hungry.


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