Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

If you love mysteries, then you should be reading Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (known as EQMM).  As the January, 2011 edition proclaimed, the mag has been on news stands for seventy years!  That’s an impressive achievement.  They’ve achieved this record by presenting good, solid mystery stories in each issue.  So good that many of them have won prestigious literary awards, including the Agatha, the Edgar, and many, many more.  Nearly every year, since 1946, the magazine has included at least one award winner.
Ellery Queen contains a variety of mystery styles.  These include hard-boiled detective stories, “cozies,” psychological suspense, crime noir, and more.  There is a Department of First Stories, which debuts the work of a new fiction writer.  There is also the Black Mask, which caters to Chandler and Hammett fans.  The Review section provides a first-look at new novels, to help you narrow down your book store choices.  And don’t forget the Puzzle – an action packed crossword filled with mystery.
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine?  Highly recommended.

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