Thriller writer Glen Scott Allen’s guest blog

Glen Scott Allen, author of The Shadow War (Nov 2010), has contributed a guest blog to Scott Sambuchino at  Allen holds a Ph.D. in English, and uses it as the framework for his lightly humorous blog post.  He give us three ‘dos’ in our quest for publication.  1 – Use your good writing skills.  2 – Create great characters.  3 – Believe in your story.  Allen’s 2 ‘don’ts’ are 1 – don’t write without a map, and 2 – don’t forget to do research.  He ends with 2 DEVAIs (don’t even think about it).  DETAI 1 – don’t even think about writing to trends, and DETAI 2 – don’t even think about quitting.

All great advice, don’t you think?  But this is only my ‘interpretation in a nutshell.’  For the full effect, you need to read his guest blog for yourself.  And, oh yeah, he’s giving the book away to two lucky winners who post a comment to his blog (within a week of his post date).  Check it out at

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