Quadroon (Unpublished Manuscript)

Southern Louisiana Chapter of the Romance Writers of America
2012 7th Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Contest
1st Place: Novel with Strong Romantic Elements

My Own Chernobyl (Unpublished Manuscript)

2010 William Faulkner-Wisdom Competition
Novella Semifinalist

"Monster in the Box" (November 2010)

Published in the November issue of The Absent Willow Review

"The Rose" (June 2009)

Published in Spaceports & Spidersilk Vol.2 No. 2

Paradise Park (Unpublished Manuscript)

2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards Quarter-finalist

"This murder mystery unfolds in the infamous Five Points neighborhood of post-Civil War New York and holds up well against any in its genre. Sergeant William Muldoon is an honest cop, a Boss Tweed favorite, and a champion wrestler in the saloons and brawl-halls of lower Manhattan. When his young protégé is arrested for a murder he didn't commit, Muldoon must find the real killer. His search takes him from the Irish boarding houses and immigrant tenements of Paradise Park to the mansions of Fifth Avenue with stops along the way at the secret haunts of Nativists and racists. A simple plot and clean prose make for a solid piece of historical fiction. Muldoon's inner ruminations on the status of the Irish and the period dialogue throughout the book may not be pitch-perfect, but they succeed because the author has not overreached."
"a no-nonsense page-turner."

Publisher's Weekly

"Emily's Arms" (June 2007)

Published in Between Kisses Vol. VI No. 1
Also published in the "best of" anthology Wondrous Web Worlds Vol. 8 by Sam's Dot Publishing

Mad served as associate editor for the Maine History Journal 1996-98. She was also a guest editor for Maine History: Industrial Relations in Maine, Vol. 37, No. 1 & 2 Summer-Fall 1997 issue.

She has published non-fiction articles in various newspapers including The San Francisco Chronicle and The Humboldt Beacon.